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Further Resources for Event Organizers

We have compiled some resources of services that are not provided by us and might be useful for conference organizers. Please note that we do not have a business relationship with these companies, we only value their products or services.

Payment Services

We do not provide any banking services, so you will need a (national) bank account to receive payments. If you want to receive payments by credit card, you also need a merchant account to process these card payments. "PayPal", "Stripe", "PayMill" and "Braintree" are four payment processing companies that provide such services without setup or monthly costs (they charge transactions fees, however), and that are also supported by ConfTool Pro. (We charge an extra fee for linking ConfTool Pro to your PayMill or Braintree account as well as for other gateway systems.)
You can find more information on our page about credit card payments. We have also compiled a list of services that can be used locally at the registration desk to process credit cards.

Event Apps

You can use the scheduling module of ConfTool Pro to inform authors and participants about the event schedule. You can use the ConfTool agenda also for on-site purposes at the conference, but you will need an internet connection and Wi-Fi that are both powerful enough to serve all participants. Furthermore, the agenda output is not optimized for mobile devices / smartphones.
Therefore, it’s usually advisable to use a conference app. These apps run directly on mobile devices and the schedule data is downloaded in one go, allowing participants to use the agenda also offline. What’s more, they often provide additional values like venue maps, news tickers and lists of participants.
Currently, two apps provide an interface to directly download the schedule data from ConfTool Pro: Conference4me and Eventor.

Lanyon Mobile (formerly GenieConnect) can provide a customized interface to download schedule and participant data from ConfTool Pro.

HeyConference is an App for Android and iOS that allows browsing agenda, participants, and any information related to your event. It is free for all: participants and event organizers and comes with a backend system with a simple interface to easily publish event info and retrieve feedback information on what participants received and got (session and participant accesses, community evolution, ratings etc).

Presentation Tools

If you are looking for services that can be used to improve the interaction between presenter and audience, maybe have a look at:
Beamium (formerly Slideflight) is a web-based tool that can be used at the conference site to show the slide of your presentation that is currently displayed on the screen on every laptop and mobile device of the audience.
Teambits provides services for digital facilitation at the conference site and helps to create interaction between audience and presenter.

Membership Management Systems

Wild Apricot is a popular web-based software for small associations and non-profits to help manage membership, website, events and other activities. Wild Apricot pricing plans start at $25 per month.

Conference Recording

If you are looking for a possibility to record your conference talks probably the service by the TIB (Leibniz Information Centre for Science  and Technology University Library) may be your first choice. This service provides you to carry out the recording by qualified personnel and the subsequent provision for thematically suitable lectures on the video portal AV-Portal.